Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Second day of training

Tuesday January 31, 2012. Its the second day of the training and I already feel light headed. Today we learnt more about renowned websites, I was especially excited about the world internet statistics. I am quite sure interesting articles can be derived from the numbers on that website.

The highlight of my day however was on the blogger website. The instructor guided us on how to better our blogs by putting the description about yourself on top and changing the designs of the page. I am quite confident that by the time this training is over I will have gathered enough tricks up my sleeve to have an eyecatching blog.   

Monday, January 30, 2012

Tanzania editors explore the web

Monday 30, January 2012. The year couldn't have started on a better note. I was among ten other editors to have been picked to attend a MISA Tanzania/VIKES training on the Internet and how it has affected societies.

For the bigger part of the day we have been introduced to a number of websites both known and unknown to me and got to know some of the biggest one them. Our instructors name is Peik Johansson from Finland and I must say its been good so far.

The training runs until Friday and by then I hope to have learnt many new things. Being one who enjoys reading, Project Gutenburg is a Godsend. Much as the Internet is a tool I use everyday, there is still alot that I don't know and I plan to get as much as I get this week and will most definitely share this knowledge with mates and colleagues